All the attendees will be given preference at the ‘Torarica Group Hotels: Torarica hotel, Royal Torarica and Eco Resort.’ Availability is limited so it is recommended to book early.

In 1958 the architects Peter Nagel and Jean Louis Volder agreed to the design of a luxurious hotel that was to be located along the Suriname River. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the Caribbean, four star Torarica Hotel & Casino was designed and built in 1962. Princess Irene from the Netherlands officially opened the hotel.

The name Torarica comes from the name of the first main city in Suriname, named Toorarica that was located along the Suriname River and established by Jewish colonists. In 2012 the hotel, that now featured 130 comfortable furnished rooms, was renovated. This renovation resulted in a hotel with an authentic, but modern ambiance where art, cultural wood engravings, comfort and luxury are the main characteristics

Torarica Hotel & Casino is part of the hotel chain Torarica Group of Hotel, of which Eco Resort Inn and Royal Torarica have been part of since respectively 20 en 10 years.