One Basin Three Nations is a homegrown private initiative formulated by a local entrepreneur group with consulting from international Energy experts. Our goal is to establish One Basin Three Nations as the Gateway to the Guiana’s and region.

We aim to create awareness and contribute to a sustainable development (UN Sustainable Development Goals) of the energy sector in the Guiana Basin by bringing together all stakeholders such as: local and international business community, Government, International Energy Companies, Industry experts, NGO’s and many more involved under one roof.

As the Guiana’s are set to become the new hot spot in the region / world in the Offshore Energy Industry this will present golden opportunities for each country. The million dollar questions is how do you move forward in such a way that all stakeholders benefits from these opportunities.


The One Basin Three Nations (OBTN) mission is to contribute to a sustainable development (UN Sustainable Development Goals) of energy revenues in the Guiana Basin by bringing together all stakeholders involved within the One Basin Three Nations framework, as the premier Energy Seminar / Conference band.


The development of energy revenues offshore the Guiana’s should be carried out in a sustainable way (UN Sustainable Development Goals), based on harmonious approach, causing no risk at all to the nations involved. For this the OBTN framework forms a platform where norms and values are discussed to keep up to, so in order to guarantee these premises.


Being part of this first OBTN seminar, you as delegate could be one of the initiators of the framework, giving input to the organization to form the OBTN framework, sharing your knowledge, receiving the latest information and enlarging your network among the National and International Energy Companies, Government of the Three Nations, their Ministries, industry experts and private sector. Being part of the OBTN framework will also be a great opportunity to promote your own business.


  • Promote the Guiana’s Energy Sector in such a way to make Guiana’s a favorable and pro business destination.
  • Debating on how to develop the basin in three nations sustainable (UN Sustainable Development Goals) by assuring that the involved companies apply the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Debate key issues, share new ideas and insights on topics ranging from renewable energy, technology, finance and investment.
  • Find synergies with the neighbor countries to enhance profits.
  • Present investors the huge potential of Guiana’s.
  • Discuss the current challenges and debate their potential solutions for future scenarios facing the the Guiana’s.
  • Emphasis on networking, doing business with industry peers and opportunities to form collaborative partnerships to mutual benefits for Guiana’s are central to the Conference.